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Get a Handle On It

Hyping Up Your Handbag With Handles

Purse handles from Ohio Travel Bag

Purse Chain Steel Nickel from OTBUp until now I’ve thought of handles as a mere convenience. You know, just pieces of material that help you carry the bag and that’s it. But designers are shedding a new light on handles as the primary design feature of a handbag, and I’m so jazzed about it that I just had to share with you guys! At OTB we’re all about customization and possibilities—the what ifs and could bes—and handles are a great way to customize and accessorize. Let’s check it out!

Off the Chain

Chain link purse handles from OTB

When I think of a chain link handle, my mind immediately goes to the legendary Coco Chanel and her glorious bags. It seems as though the classic 1930s look is coming back with a bang! The idea of chain links offers so many options for designers to play around with.

Purse chain steel nickel from OTBWhile chain handles are typically seen on a small clutch or evening bag, they’ve been showing up more and more in new and edgy ways. Think about using multiple chains together to create a thicker handle that gives off an almost biker chick vibe. There are so many possibilities with chains!

Recreate the look at OTB:

Not Partial to Chain? Try a Partial Chain.

Bottega Veneta purse ad

Handles featuring partial chain with another type of material are nothing new in the world of handbags, but designers are pulling off this look better than ever, now with a quirky twist. Honestly, this is the best way to go because you still get that classic, fancy look of the chain but you also get the comfort of a leather strap that stays on your shoulder better when you’re running around everyday.

Pictured above is a Bottega Veneta ad featuring a bag with a partial chain/partial leather handle, and Lauren Hutton is totally pulling it off with a classic but fun look. I’ve also seen this combination on a lot of Michael Kors bags as well.

Recreate the look at OTB:

At the End of Your Rope?

Louis Vuitton handbag ad from magazine

Obviously you can’t ignore Louis Vuitton when talking about innovative handbag designs. Although not all of us can afford to buy such a luxurious bag, the brand is constantly offering up fresh ideas that trickle down to other independent designers and retailers that we all shop regularly.

Handle loop with spring gate ring nickel from OTBIn the picture above I’m showing a Louis Vuitton ad featuring a beautiful purse with a rope-like leather strap and striking silver end caps, and topped off with a chain link accent (of course). This is definitely a high end version of the rope strap, but I’ve been seeing so many handbag straps that are more like actual rope. I guess the nautical look is still going strong! This quirky trend is surfacing just in time for spring and summer. I can almost feel the sand between my toes now!

Recreate the look at OTB with striking and sturdy end caps:

Purse chain steel gold from OTBAs always, I hope this post has gotten you thinking about what you can create with pieces right here at Ohio Travel Bag. I’ll continue to be on the lookout for the next greatest trends and report back next month. Ciao!