5 Hot Trends to Include in Your 2021 Collections

As the current year winds down (and if we’re being honest, good riddance to it!). Chances are your creative brain is swirling with new ideas and concepts to incorporate into your new pieces or collections. Probably more than ever before, we will gladly put 2020 in the rearview mirror and look with a sense of renewed optimism and inspiration toward 2021.

Work from home has taken the concept of casual Friday attire to casual Monday through Friday attire. As your clientele is slowly able to venture out again to their offices, hang with friends and visit family, the coming season suggests a continued embrace of relaxed styles combined with quality craftsmanship. Whether you are a seasoned designer or just beginning your entrepreneurial journey, 2021 is the year to establish or elevate the story behind your brand by tapping into the laid back but luxe ethos.

Arguably, as you know, no other accessory communicates a persons’ individual style more than their handbag. Typically, consumers are willing to spend the big bucks for those products they deem “worth it” or that help them accurately express their identity-and values-to the world.

Next year will see desired and functional bags being produced in an array of sizes, using natural materials and colors (with pops of vibrancy here and there), textures, hardware finishes and adornments. In that spirit, below are five trends from London to Los Angeles being adopted by top designers and trendy start-ups alike. Incorporate some or all these elements to be on-point and ready to rock your revenues in 2021!

1. Ruched Leather

This season will be less about structure and more about softer profiles. Soft, supple leather in neutral tones used to create ruched handles and bunched nape bags are all the rage. Construct with rings, zippers, buckles or removable straps in your choice of styles and finishes to get the “it” look. (Related Products: Buckles, Leather, Rings & Slides, & Straps)

2. Loose Woven Macramé, Netted, Rattan and Straw

Reminiscent of the 1970’s, these timeless, classic materials and styles reflect a sense of authenticity by their user. Mix in leather straps & appliques, artisan rings and brass plates to create your one-of-a-kind signature piece. (Related Products: Adornments, Handle Hardware, Straps, & Zippers)

Image Provided by Canva

3. Fancy Frills and Appliques

Who doesn’t love them a few fun and shiny objects? Add a bit of whimsy to create eye-catching bags that make your customers smile. (Related Products: Adornments, Chain Straps, Conchos, Jewelry, & Spots)

Image Provided by Canva

4. Purses as Jewelry

Talk about getting a bang for the buck. Customers will love the functionality and dual use of these product designs. Here they can store tiny treasures or sundries for days on the go. These pieces run the gamut from utilitarian to chic and unique. (Related Products: Catches & Claps, Chain Straps, Conchos, & Leather) 

Image Provided by Canva

5. Water Bottle Bags

Okay, so this may not be a handbag per se, but these trendy little re-usable bottle holders are too cool not to include! Whether you keep it simple or go full out fabulous with your designs, these will be the new favorite accessory for your eco-conscious customers. (Related Products: Straps, Conchos, Rings & Slides, & Zippers )

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