Common Types of Snap Fasteners

by Ohio Travel Bag

Snap fasteners are one of the most common types of closure options for leather and fabric products. There are so many different styles, strengths, and uses when it comes to snaps, which requires you to know what type of snap works best for your project. We are here to help you get a better understanding and breakdown of all the many types of snaps for leather!

Three Types of Snaps

First let’s look at the different types of snaps you’ll come across. There are so many varieties of snaps with different strengths, setting styles and best uses. Let’s dive in!

  1. Ring-Spring Snap:

This press fastener is most common when creating leather products or using heavier duty material. Great durability and made to last. These snaps have a ring-spring socket that attach to a strong stud. Common names for these snaps Large or Baby standard (Ligne 24 and Ligne 20).

  1. S-Spring Snap:

The name for this fastener comes from the s-shaped spring inside the socket. It attaches to the extended stud. This snap style is great for medium weight materials for fashion designers or small purses and change pouches. Commonly called Segma or Parallel snaps.

  1. Prong Snap:

This miniature snap is used for more delicate projects that use lighter weight material. The prong attaches to fabric and protects the snap from being moved or stretched and keeps the fastener in place. Sporting a slim profile and flat appearance as well! The Prong Snap is also known as a “Snapet”

  • Other Snaps:
    • Magnetic Snaps commonly have prongs on the backside of the male and female magnet piece and come with a washer to easily attach to leather, felt, webbing or other fabric materials.
    • One Way Pull fasteners lock on three sides and are commonly used for hot tub or boat covers, gun holsters, military gear and things that you want to be super secured and not opened with great ease.

Different Fastener Brands

Now that we know the differences between each of the snap types, let’s go through the different brand names mentioned and that we carry on our website.

  • DOT Fastener
    • Pull the Dot Snap, Ligne 20, Ligne 24 (Ring-Spring) and Segma (S-Spring)
  • PRYM
    • Ligne 6, Ligne 4 and Ligne 2 (all small Ring-Spring snaps)
  • YKK
    • Snappetts (Prong-Snap)

Differences Between the Ligne 20 and Ligne 24

The most common press fasteners for leather and bags are DOT Baby Standard (Ligne 20) and the DOT Large Standard (Ligne 24) snaps. Each snap type is installed the same way and both are great for heavy duty projects that you want to stay secure. However, the Large Standard provides just a little more durability since it’s larger.  

  • Ligne 20:
    • The Ligne 20 snap is also referred to as the Baby Standard and is smaller than the Ligne 24. This 4-piece snap isn’t quite as heavy duty and is best used for medium to heavier weight projects.
  • Ligne 24:
    • The Ligne 24 snap is a more heavy-duty snap and is also referred to as Large Standard snap. This 4-piece snap is also good for medium to heavier weight project but is more often used for the heavier duty projects.

What is a Pull-the-Dot-Snap?

The Pull the Dot Snap or One Way Pull Snap is another heavy-duty snap. These snaps are mostly used when needing to keep something super secure, commonly used in marine or military applications. This unique snap locks in three places and only releases when pulled on the 1 designated side.  

You can learn more about Pull-The-Dot-Snaps and how to install them on our Ohio Travel Bag Workshop blog.

When to Use Segma and Parallel Snaps

Segma and Parallel snaps are both very similar in size and uses. These 4-piece snaps are S-Spring snaps that both lay flat on the fabric/leather. They feature a smaller rivet type piece that is great for lower weight projects like garment making, small fabric pouches, fabric glasses cases, and pocket snaps.

Parallel and Segma snaps are available in a couple different sizes listed below:

  • 3/8” Series:
    • Most Common uses are for small leather goods, packaging, and eyeglass cases.
  • 1/2” Series:
    • Most common uses are on wallets, handbags, outerwear, and large leather goods.
  • 5/8” Series:
    • Most common uses are outerwear and outside compartments of handbags.

When to Use a Snapet Press Fastener

A Snapet is a prong snap (miniature snap) that attaches to the fabric you're using with it's teeth or "prongs" around the edges of the snap. These snaps are great for delicate fabrics and have a great hold. Snapet's are often used for medical wear, baby wear, and work wear. All those different options are more delicate fabric uses.

And there you have it! The different types of snap press fasteners, all available here at Have questions or comments? Drop us a line below!

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