Details To Make Your Costume Designs POP!

We know our Ohio Travel Bag Creators have the ability to make products stand out and provide just what their customers are looking for. Here is our time to make you shine by featuring products, providing a little inspiration and suggesting some products we notice are in demand and popular among creators like yourself. We take pride in being able to supply the leather crafters, costume and cosplay designers and so many more with the quality hardware you need!

Oh, and do not forget to check our new arrivals page! We have lots to share with you and are continuously adding to our collection.

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Yay, we’re meeting virtually again, said NO ONE EVER.

Sitting in front of screens in your jammies sounds great for a weekend, but we all know this has gone on for too long, and your customers (like everyone else) want to SHOW UP and SHOW OUT. That’s where you come in…

No pressure, but since most of the Renfaire, Cosplay and events alike are ramping up again, in order for your designs to get noticed, they really need to get your customers noticed – even in a virtual or social media setting. Are you up for the challenge? We know you are ;)


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Delight in the Details

When you design around a specific look, the details have to work for you (and your customers) and not interfere with the look. And quality designs demand details that work.

That’s why we have chains for days, buckles by the bunch, rings and slides in virtually every imaginable color and size, and specialty strap hardware in multiple styles and finishes. It’s why we stock more than one, more than two, more than three tuck locks and why we make sure you can see something as small as a keyhole catch on our site before you order.

Just as important, they function properly, so your customers will enjoy using the finished item. The details are important to you, because you know your customers appreciate them. It’s why they come to you and recommend you to friends. If you can imagine it, if your customers will want it, we have the details to make it a reality.

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Through the Ages, Materials Matter

The right finish is paramount to pulling off the look. Antique brass is right for some period pieces; silver for others; nickel works here; copper belongs there. YOU know which finish is right (and which would be wrong), even if your customers don’t always know why you selected the one you did.

We know quite often the finish matters as much as the functionality, so you can shop by color, finish, strap size and width.

Designing for the Comicon crowd? You might want to reach for something a little flashier, like black oxide, with its almost out-of-this-world appeal.

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Snap, Clamp it, POP

Variety may be the spice of life, but when you’re looking for a very specific fastener, you want to be able to narrow down your choices to find just what you need. (Just how many rivets ARE there, right?)

The rivets, chains, and fasteners you select not only accentuate the items you’re crafting but they also have to work. You can be confident because OTB offers only quality hardware – even accent pieces are strong, fully-functional and built to last. Even if it’s “just” used on occasion, your customers know they’re getting quality, through and through.

Sometimes you can see your whole design before you’ve started crafting it; other times, a look comes together a little at a time.

Need some inspiration? Check out our conchos!

A finely-tuned search feature helps you select the just-right pieces in the sizes, colors and materials you’re looking for. And, of course, if an online search doesn’t find it for you, our customer service staff is here to help, by phone at 800-800-1941, or online.

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Made, Worn, and Shared with Pride

You know your customers best – if Made in the USA is important to them, it’s important to you. We source US-made whenever we can, so you can too.

Don’t be shy! When you design with US-made hardware, let your customers know that your crafts are home-grown originals!

And, don’t forget to share your creations with us. We’re always eager to feature our customers’ designs on our social media channels.

Getting noticed online: how’s your website and social presence?

Tip: Remember to share related items with your shoppers whenever you can! Your Cosplay customers may come to you for a specialty item, but when they see your beautiful handbags, knife sheaths, or other everyday items, they’ll realize they need those, too.

Last word: Are you getting calls for repairs lately? If so, you might need to learn or review a skill from time to time. Check out our videos for a few tips – or share them with your favorite customers, if you like. Got tips to share with your fellow leatherworkers? Please let us know; we might make a video highlighting your experience, so others can learn from you!

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