Essential Hardware for Making a Belt

When the term “belt parts” first comes to mind, it seems like the list should be pretty short and sweet, right? A piece of leather and some buckles? Well, it’s sort of that simple, but not entirely. There are a few more details when it comes to belts, and these details are what set certain belts apart from others. These details are also what brings new trends to the belt game. Colors, shapes, sizes are all trends that are changing and developing every single day. Now let’s learn what they are!

Parts of a Belt

First, to know the trends, you have to know the parts. For starters, we have the belt blank, this can be pre-punched or handmade, or purchased. The belt blank is simply just the piece of leather or material that makes up the body of the belt. It can change in length, thickness, color, or material. This just depends on the overall look you are going for. Next, we have the belt buckle and keeper. The belt buckle is rather self-explanatory- it is a clasp that fastens the two ends of the belt together. The belt keeper is the loop through which the tongue of the belt is placed. It receives the end of the strap as it is located near the buckle.

There are also smaller detailed pieces that make up the parts of a belt. One example of this is Chicago Screws. Chicago Screws are fasteners combining the nut fastener with the screw fastener. They function by having two threaded pieces with flat heads on both ends, so they sit level with the leather of the strap. These are what can change the look of the belt. Depending on what size and finish you use, these are when those small details can make all the difference.

Although the list is short, these parts of a belt are important and detailed.

Did You Know: Tools Edition

Did you know that we also have these tools for belts? Check them out below.

Strap End Punches are to shape the ends of the belt. They can round off the edge, or sharpen it, depending on what you desire. Here we offer several different sizes, take a look below.

Edge Kote Dye is used for finishing edges on the belt. It is used for coloring the leather and making your final product look the way you desire.

Trending Hardware for Belts

Trending hardware. Our favorite two words. Trending belt hardware. Even better! Knowing what pieces are trending and new to the fashion world can set your belt creations apart from others.

Trendy buckles are one way to start. Buckles are the focus of the belt, the first thing you look at when seeing the belt. Some pieces that we think you need are these heel and center bar buckles. We’ll actually one up that. Buckles with keepers. Check out #C-2095-ANTB, #C-2095-NIC. These have a modern look to them, and serve as a basic buckle that isn’t too much or too little. The perfect in between of trendy and timeless.

Belt blanks are always in trend as well. A classic brown, or a strong black can never serve you wrong. Some of our favorites are the #WL-0106–AB, and the #WL-4474-00-BK. Both serve as classics that are excellent leather pieces. They can go with many different colors, finishes, or wherever your mind takes you.

That leads us into Chicago Screws and Rivets. Although the color and finish mainly depends on the overall look you are going for, we are seeing gold as the dominating color this season. Used in a classic, timeless way, you can never steer wrong with gold. Check out #P-2334-GOLD for a classic gold look to add to your next belt project. Did we mention that it's shiny gold too?

Trends, parts, belts. Now you know everything there is to know. Go get started on your next creation!

Check Out Our How-To Video Below!

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