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All about leather. Leather crafters, workspaces of a passionate leather worker, accessories made of leather, leather belts, and leather attitudes. The point of view of a determined leather crafter at work. We see you, we see the care, passion and notice the good sweat that goes into each day as a leather creator. We see the wild steps you take to be noticed – and for a good reason. Your work matters and it is GOOD STUFF.

Together let's take a step back and notice the work, time and passion from the view of another leathercrafter. Not that you need inspiration, because we won’t even pretend to have as much creative juices flowing as you do – but we recognize your talent! And wanted to take the time to show off that talent.


Like what you see? Click an image to explores our creators Instagram pages. You can also follow this link to find tools featured on the workbench. Need help deciding which tool is best for you and your project? Give us a call at 800-800-1941! We will do our best to help you identify what tool you need!


Tools, Leather, Belt Blanks, Buckles, Rivets, Screws and more can be found throughout our website!


Leather strapping, zippers, rings, handles, swivel snaps, and more here! We are here to help make your vision reality!


The little things that stand out. Wallets, shoes, holsters, keychains - the fun things! Find snaps, key rings, and shoe repair supplies all here at OTB.


  • Arleen Jones-Harkness

    Good morning, Miss Shimko. The newsletter is great! I love the crafters presented in it. How can I get a spot in the newsletter? I work with Ohio Travel Bag products all the time. I can’t think of a company that has so many different items. I trust OTB items in my leather designs for beauty, durability, and function.

  • Rob Leal

    Thank you for including me in this newsletter. When i started doing leather there were NO books and very little information for the budding leathercrafter but thankfully that has changed. Looking forward to seeing posts and possibly what other leathersmith’s might be doing out there. Stay Safe , Rob Leal

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