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Trend Alert: Tiny Bags

TINY BAGS, MICRO BAGS, NANO BAGS. All are popular terms we here at Ohio Travel Bag see as a trend that is here to stay for a while. These bags are extra cute and in a world that continues to be heading toward more minimalist fashion, it makes sense to create a bag that holds just the essentials. Large bags are still needed for a variety of reasons and I am certainly not donating those items in my wardrobe anytime soon. But just as I love my big purses, I also love my tiny bags inside my big purses! A bag for lip gloss, a bag for my jewelry, a wristlet for my credit cards, and one for my growing hand sanitizer collection. Being able to grab these smaller bags out of my bigger one for certain occasions has become my new habit. You never know what life is going to throw at you each day, better to be prepared for every little thing!

I spoke to the fashion bloggers over at @tinybagclub and they definitely agreed. “Tiny bags has really increased over the last few years with brands now offering their best selling styles in miniature proportions” talking about brands like Louis Vuitton and Fendi who both have multiple instagram style photos of this growing trend. @tinybagclub continued, “I think part of the appeal is how little we need to carry around with us now thanks to technology and our phones being able to do so much more than text, also tiny bags are just adorable!”

Utility bags step aside.

The bags we have are more than a utility. They can bring together a style, make a statement, bring comfort and security knowing our things are safe and we have the ability to move around freely if needed. There are so many ways you can participate in or create bags that are a part of this style, pick your direction and run with it! The more creative and fun the better.

OTB is noticing tiny bags that are now turning into micro bags and we are here for it. @tinybagclub confirmed the direction brands are heading with this trend, micro and nano styles are even smaller than their original minis. “I feel these cross over into jewelery territory as they are so small they look like pendants and hold nothing but air!”

Even so, there is a market for it! Turn your change purse into a micro bag with a few hardware updates. Add a chain to your coffee sleeve or vitamin holder. You can’t go wrong with this style. The blogger concluded, “it will be exciting to see where designers take the tiny bag trend next.”

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