How to Assemble a Facile Frame

For the tools and techniques you need to make or repair bags, shoes, clothing and much more, this is the Ohio Travel Bag Workshop. Today we are going to show you Assemble a Facile Frame!

At Ohio Travel Bag, we specialize in quality hardware and tools for handbags and leather goods. We want to be sure that you’re equipped with the best tools and knowledge to replace and install your own hardware. We’ll be talking about Facile Frames and how to assemble them.

What Is a Facile Frame?

A facile frame is the spring structure seen inside many handbags and clutches that allows the bag to open and close while staying structured.

We commonly get asked how to install a facile frame because it can be a little difficult, but by following these simple steps, you’ll be able to easily assemble your facile frame perfectly.

Facile frames often come in two pieces so that you can easily sew your frame right into your bag or wallet. Before assembling the hinges of your facile frame, it’s important that you have already sewn your bag around the frame before connecting it together.

Once you have your bag ready, it’s time to begin…

How to Assemble the Frame

  1. Start with the hinge on one side of the frame. Align the holes on the hinges and place the hinge pin (guide pin) through the holes.
  2. Look for a little notch at the end of the pin. Take the hinge rivet (tubular rivet) and place it over the notch.
  3. Use a hard surface to push the rivet into the end of the pin until the guide pin comes out the other side. You did it – your hinge is in place!
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 on the other side of the frame.
  5. If you have a peening tool, peen over the edge of the rivet to ensure it’s secure and won’t come loose.

Using a Snapper Rivet

Instead of using a tubular rivet on your hinges like we explained above, you can also use a snapper rivet, which features a ring on the end for attaching a chain strap. Here’s how to install a snapper rivet…

  1. Align the holes of your hinge.
  2. Force the pointed end of the rivet into the hinge until it comes out the other end and snaps into place.
  3. Repeat for the hinge on the other side of the frame.

Be sure to shop our online catalog to find these parts and many others you may need. If you want to see these instructions in action, check out our how-to video.

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