How to Fix a Zipper With a ZlideOn Zipper Slider

At Ohio Travel Bag, we care about quality. We offer many products and tools to help you repair and replace your own parts, and the ZlideOn Zipper Slider is one of our favorite easy-to-use pieces of replacement hardware.

What Is a ZlideOn Zipper Slider?


The ZlideOn provides a faster and easier way to fix a zipper, without having to take the zipper out and put in a new one. There are two basic types available at Ohio Travel Bag, ones with a single zipper tab and ones with two zipper tabs.

Single zipper tabs are the most common and are used on most handbags and clothing. Double zipper tabs are used for things like sleeping bags or tents that can be zipped from either direction.

How to Use a ZlideOn

  1. Move the tab forward so you can insert your fingernail into the base. With a little force, snap open the base of the zipper tab. zlideon-2
  2. Place the ZlideOn in the spot where your zipper is broken, and snap the base closed. zlideon-3
  3. There you have it, a fixed zipper just like new!

Rather than ripping out the broken zipper and sewing in a new one, the ZlideOn makes it super easy to fix a broken one in just two steps. Use a ZlideOn to fix the zippers on your bags, coats, sleeping bags, sweatshirts, and more!

You can browse and purchase a variety of ZlideOns on our website – any color and size you want. If you would like to see these steps in action, you can watch our video to learn how.

Contact Ohio Travel Bag today with any questions or to receive more information on our ZlideOn zipper sliders.

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