How to Install a Magnetic Snap

For the tools and techniques you need to make or repair bags, shoes, clothing and much more, this is the Ohio Travel Bag Workshop. Today we are going to show you How to install a magnetic snap.

Step one: Get the right tools. We are using P-2363 magnetic snap that is made up of two washers and a male/female magnet. Material like leather or felt, a hammer and adjustable slot punch (T-1446).

Step two: Cut a slit in your material. Line up where you want the magnetic snap to set. Then place the washer over your material and adjust your slot punch so the prongs fit the washer. If you are using scissors, just mark the leather awl where the prongs will be inserted.

Use your rawhide hammer or mallet and hit the top of the slot punch. This will punch two slits in the leather. Alternitively, use your scissors to cut a slit in the leather along the lines you just marked with the awl. Next, insert the bottom (female) of the snap.

Turn the snap over and add the washer to the prongs. It's common to aslo cut a hold in felt or similar material to ensure the snap is strong and sturdy enough to handle the tug and pull on the snpa when it is in use.

Finally, bend the prongs over the washer using your leather awl.

Step three: Repeat for the top of the snap. Repeat step two and set the male part of the snap.

And there you have it. How to set a magnetic snap. Try it for yourself, find all the tools and more at

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