How To Install Jiffy Rivets

For the tools and techniques you need to make or repair bags, shoes, clothing and much more, this is the Ohio Travel Bag Workshop. Today we are going to show you How to Install Jiffy RivetsTM in leather!

Step one: get the right tools. You will need a rawhide hammer, revolving leather punch, hand setting tools (see chart below for best tools), and your Jiffy RivetsTM.

Step two: cut a hole. We are cutting into a leather strip and using a leather punch. With any material you will want to punch a hole the same size as the post diameter of your rivet. We like the revolving leather punch because it has lots of size options for you to choose from. Place your punch on the leather and cut a hole.

Step three: set the rivet. We are using a double cap Jiffy RivetTM. A good rule of thumb is to leave 1/8 inch to 1/16 inch of the rivet post sticking out of your leather. This way there is enough space for the cap to set and stay set. Next place the rivet post under the leather, add the cap on top of the rivet post and click the cap down. Place the rivet on the anvil base, place the setter tool on top of the domed rivet and hit the setter a few times with your rawhide mallet. There should be no left over space between the leather and rivet - it will be nice and snug.

And there you have it! A quick Jiffy RivetTM install. Try it for yourself!

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