How To Set a 4 Piece Snap

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For the tools and techniques you need to make or repair bags, shoes, clothing and much more, this is the Ohio Travel Bag Workshop. Today we are going to show you How to Set a 4-Piece Snap!

Step one: get the right tools. You will need the 4 parts to a snap, the Cap, Socket, Stud and Eyelet. The tools to set the snap, a hand setter and anvil, rawhide hammer, revolving leather punch, and leather.

Step two: cut a hole. - We are using our L-3886 Dog Leash which is 7.5 oz (3 mm) thickness. Cut a hole using the revolving leather punch.

Step three: Add the Snaps. - We are using Ligne 24 Snaps. Other options would be smaller, Ligne 20 snaps even smaller Segma snaps. First, push the cap through the leather and fit the socket over the cap post. You should see about a mm of the cap post sticking through the leather. You want a little of the post to show through, so you have room to peen the metal over the socket. Once you determine you have the correct size snap, place the top of the cap on the anvil and use the hand tool and hammer to peen the cap post over the socket. Next, do the same process with the Stud and Eyelet. Push the eyelet through the leather and ensure about a mm of the eyelet post is sticking out over the leather. You can use the other side of the anvil to set this – or use your hard surface. Fit the hand tool over the eyelet post and hit with your rawhide mallet until the metal is spread out over the stud and the two are married together.

And there you have it! An easy 4 piece snap install. Try it for yourself, find all the tools and more at Ohio Travel Bag .com

1 comment

  • Cory Clay

    Thank you for these well-produced, helpful, instructional videos. Thank you also for featuring a woman as the repair tech/instructor!

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