How To Set Copper Rivets

For the tools and techniques you need to make or repair bags, shoes, clothing and much more, this is the Ohio Travel Bag Workshop. Today we are going to show you How to Set a Copper Rivet.

Copper rivets are a good choice to use for one sided projects since these are not double capped (back will not show). It’s good style choice for holsters, dog collars, sheath holders and more.

Step one: Punch a hole and insert rivet. You will need #9 copper rivets and matching burr, Copper rivet setter (T-120B), End Cutting Nipper (T-301), 5/32” Hand Tool (T-1232), Hole Punch, and a rawhide mallet (T-395-2).

Step two: Cut a hole in the material. We are using scrap leather to punch a hole; we are using a 5/32” punch. Next, insert the rivet with the flat side against the table. Use the rivet setter and place the open hole side over the rivet post and use a mallet to hammer down the burr.

Step three: Trim the rivet and set the burr. With an end cutting nipper, cut off the remaining rivet post sticking out. Keep about an 1/8” of an inch. Use the rounded part of the rivet setter to peen the burr using a mallet. This should look rounded and is set – ours is not as round as it should be (Insert reference photo). For heavy duty projects, you can use a hammer to flatten out the rest of the post to ensure max stability.

And there you have it! A quick Copper Rivet install. Try it for yourself, find all the tools and more at!

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