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Fashion… It’s Riveting!


Bedazzling is back—but with a polished, designer twist.


Gucci denim suit magazine ad

rounded-rivitHey guys! It’s Jocelyn here. I hope you’ve had a great first month start to the new year. I’ve got a lot of topics lined up that I’m just dying to talk with you about, so we better get a move on!

Bedazzling Is Back… In the Best Way

Okay, so we all remember bedazzlers don’t we? You could literally put little plastic gems on ANYTHING you wanted.Rivet 2 Well friends, bedazzling is back… but in the best way! Grommets and rivets are the new plastic gems that can be added to almost anything for an edgy look.

What I think is so great about grommets and rivets in fashion is they are super accessible and can be added in the most subtle ways so that anyone can pull them off. You don’t have to be a leather-clad biker chick to rock a riveted blazer or some studded sandals.

Taking Things to a New Level In 2017

Take the Gucci denim suit pictured above on my desk, for example. What otherwise would be a major no-no in the fashion world (80s throwback!) has been saved by the edgy touch of hardware. As you can see, I made a little doodle out of rivets to signify my creative focus in 2017… I think this will be the year that OTB takes things to a new level, and from the looks of my magazines, designers are taking fashion to a new level as well!

Michael Kors magazine ad with riveted sandals

My ultimate favorite find lately is this Michael Kors ad thatimage02features a gorgeous pair of white strappy sandals adorned with both rivets AND grommets. Can you say Hardware Heaven?

Hardware from OTB that can be used to recreate the look:

I don’t know about you, but I would wear these sandals with almost anything. And since the hardware used on the sandals is gold, I would pull the whole outfit together by adding some gold jewelry. Just a few simple touches like that can transform an outfit from OK to Oh Wow!

My last find that I want to share with you all is another gorgeous Michael Kors ad featuring a grommeted and riveted little black dress…

Magazine ads with hardware from OTB

Hardware has completely transformed what would otherwise be a plain black dress. Just looking at this woman casually rocking the dress gets me so excited for summer. I think the best part is that there’s no need for jewelry with the grommeted and riveted neckline, making the look super carefree and easy.

Hardware from OTB that can be used to recreate the look:

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I hope you’ve enjoyed these hardware-clad looks just as much as I’ve enjoyed hunting down the pieces to recreate them! Be sure to shop Ohio Travel Bag’s website and pick out all the what ifs and could bes while you’re at it. Until next time!