Folks, it’s time to admit it: we like things a little western. From the boots to the belts and now… the conchos!



That’s right, conchos. Thanks to an inspiring look by Instagrammer Brooke Kensey (@brookelatka) I realized the potential sitting on our warehouse shelf. These tiny additions to saddle beautification and bag accessorizing are multitaskers, because now they’re taking on our hair.

For this DIY you’ll need:

To be clear – I’m DIYing these, but you can go out and buy readymade concho hair ties.

This DIY is extremely straightforward – I used thin hair ties that I could pinch together and press into the protruding opening on the back of the concho. Once I determined that they fit in the opening, I took them out, squeezed some super glue into the opening, and pressed the elastic ends back in.
I did this with my bare fingers, and while the outcome wasn’t hugely messy, hindsight is 20/20 and I would recommend using pliers if you don’t want a bit of superglue on your fingertips.

If you think your elastic looks too big for the concho (like it might be visible if you have to wrap it a few times extra around your hair) then you can cut the elastic, and stick the cut ends into the concho opening just like you did your pinched ends.
maybe this will fix it

I love the look of these – but I would really love to see the creative geniuses that you are take them up a notch. Email pictures if you try it! Until next time – XO.

Products Used: