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Studded Hats Off to 2017

What Ifs Series

Studded Hats Off to 2017

Hey there! My name is Jocelyn, Relationship Manager at Ohio Travel Bag. It’s a cold, icy day in Solon, Ohio, but I’m feeling warm and cozy as I dream of the summer sun and all the fab fashions that come with it! If you know me, you know that I’m pretty much always dreaming of fashion and how to recreate looks right here at OTB.

What If?

image03I often get asked, “What does Ohio Travel Bag even sell?” Well I’m here to tell you… we sell possibilities! We sell what ifs and could be’s to creative minds that can take a handful of grommets and make a work of art. Many of my lunch breaks are spent shoving a salad into my mouth in a trance as I flip through magazines and pick out the what ifs. Not only are these moments the highlights of my days, but these fresh ideas keep our customers inspired, too!

So what exactly do I mean by what ifs and could be’s?

For example, these pyramid studs (available in gold and nickel) just look like little pieces of metal right now, but they could be a great addition to a purse that needs a little sprucing up. What if I added studs to one of my shirt collars? What if I added a chain to one of my clutches?

I want to talk about the Brighton Christmas catalog (I know Christmas is over, but I have to! Sorry!). I tip my studded hat to Brighton for their fresh take on customization. From bangles to purses, they’ve got some bold suggestions that got me thinking about the hardware we have right here at OTB.


Bling Bang Boom: Customizing Your Handbag

Purses in themselves are such a fun way to customize your look. After all, there are endless possibilities that often lead to overindulging (I’m not talking about me or anything). But why not gather up some accessories to customize one of the bags you already have? Here are a couple ways to do it:

  1. Mini Scarves

    What’s a mini scarf, you may ask? Well it’s basically just a scarf, except it’s a bit smaller so you can tie it on one of the loops or straps of your purse. Because there are so many different color and pattern variations out there, you could have a scarf to match every outfit! Now wouldn’t that be dangerous…

  2. Keychains


    Yes, keychains are back! From gold to silver, leather to plastic, colorful to subdued, keychains can suit everyone’s style. Just like a mini scarf, keychains can be hooked right onto one of the rings or loops on your bag. We have some adorable little keys and peace signs that you could easily hang from your purse with a key ring. Check it out!

  3. Tassels

    image04It’s no secret that we love leather at OTB—just take a look at our leather gifts and accessories—so I’m all for adding a leather or suede tassel for some extra fringe and flair. Check out this picture of a tassel that our customer Satchel, out of Savannah, Georgia, sent me as a gift! They make them using our item P-2967.

  4. Straps

    StrapsStraps are an inexpensive way to really change up the whole look of your purse. My favorite right now are studded straps, but there are so many other variations—leather, fabric, bamboo, chain, bedazzled, embossed, and the list goes on. Take a look at what OTB offers!

Well that’s it for now! Cheers to the new year, and to hoping that everyone takes charge of all the “what ifs” in life. Check back each month for my own take on the latest trends, and how to turn little pieces of hardware into possibilities. Ciao!

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