Recreating the Vintage Luggage Look

Catches and locks at OTB to recreate vintage luggage dresser

Hey guys! I bet a lot of you are avid “pinners” like myself, so hopefully you’ll be able to relate to my obsession. Sometimes all it takes is one pin on Pinterest to send you down a rabbit hole—a “hardware hole” that is. Thanks to my fabulous coworker Sara, that’s exactly what happened after she sent me a pin of this dresser with adorable drawers that look like vintage luggage. I was so inspired that I immediately started thinking about ways to recreate the look.

The best part of the whole dresser is clearly the hardware… it’s what makes the drawers actually look like vintage luggage. So I started to focus specifically on catches and locks and how they are represented in the fashion world. There are four key pieces of hardware that come together to create the look of an retro suitcase:

Of course, there are plenty of other elements you could add into the mix that would take a piece to the next level. There are latches, buckles, straps, stitching, trim, and so many other little embellishments that you can add to make something your own.

You Have the Luggage, Now What About the Carry-On?

Burberry brand magazine ad on desk at Ohio Travel Bag

Once I established what those key elements are that give a piece that vintage luggage look, I started noticing them all over the place within the fashion world. As it turns out, catches and locks are hot in the latest handbag designs, and I’m totally digging the retro/vintage vibe that the hardware lends to the bag.

There’s no doubt that Louis Vuitton has always done a great job of emulating that vintage luggage look since the brand’s roots are in luggage and trunk design, but now other brands are adopting the styling and making it their own.

We’ve All Got Baggage—What’s Yours Look Like?

Furla handbag magazine ads on desk at Ohio Travel Bag

When I said there are so many ways to make the vintage look your own, Furla is the perfect example of a brand that’s displaying mad innovation skills in their 90th Anniversary Collection and making these clutches into something fresh and exciting.

The ad on the left shows a clutch that has a classic and glamorous look with the addition of beading and gems, whereas the clutch on the left is a little more retro with an exciting printed element. Recreate the look with the following products from Ohio Travel Bag:

Pop, Lock, and Drop It Like Dior

Dior handbag magazine ad and lock hardware from Ohio Travel bag

I’m absolutely loving the lock on this Dior clutch. Aside from the unique artwork, the lock is really what makes this bag something special and different, and gives it that classy 1920s feel. Ohio Travel Bag has so many different options in terms of shape and finish when it comes to locks. Start browsing now!

I hope the pin that started this whole catch and lock frenzy for me has given you all the same excitement and inspiration. I’m always interested to see what clients are designing with our products, so feel free to send pictures my way! Until next time—XO.