How To Set A Turn Lock

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Today we are going to show you – How To Install a Turn Lock Purse Fastener P-2410. This can also be referred to as a flap catch because it is installed on the flap of a purse or bag.

Step one: Get the right tools.

  1. The P-2410 turn lock. This is made up of the following:
    1. Two (2) small rivets
    2. Three (3) medium rivets
    3. Front lock plate
    4. Back lock plate
  2. Your material: we are using a piece of scrap leather for demonstration
  3. Rivet Setter (T-1316)
  4. Rawhide Hammer
  5. Leather Punch
  6. Leather Awl

Step two: Set the base of the lock.

  1. Lay the base of the lock on the material you are using for your project.
  2. Use a leather awl to mark the three (3) rivet holes.
  3. Punch 3 holes where you marked the leather.
  4. Insert the three (3) medium size rivet posts through the back of the base.
  5. Lay the cap of the rivet over the posts and set the three (3) rivets using your domed rivet setter.

Step three: Set the top of the lock.

  1. Using the two small rivets, repeat step two for the front of the lock, on the flap of the bag.

And there you have it. Installing a turn lock P-2410 on a purse or bag. Try it for yourself, find all the tools and more at

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