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  • Double Sided Tape 1/2in X 25yd Roll, #DST-1

    Item #: DST-1

    Double-sided tape 1/2” x 25 yard roll. Polypropylene tape is a general purpose clear film tape. Good peel adhesion and high quickstick on both sides. High-density polysilicone liner allows easy...
    QTY AVAILABLE : 79 In Stock
  • Large Cement Pot, #T-1189

    Item #: T-1189

    Large Cement Pot
    QTY AVAILABLE : 14 In Stock
  • Barge Cement 2 Oz Size, #BRG-2

    Item #: BRG-2

    Barge Cement 2 oz. tube. This all-purpose cement has a very strong adhesion. Great for leather, plastic, cork and many other surfaces. Note: This is a flammable product and cannot...
    QTY AVAILABLE : 44 In Stock
  • 3 1/4" Black, Vinyl Patch, #VPATCH-1
    Special Savings!

    3 1/4" Black, Vinyl Patch, #VPATCH-1

    Item #: VPATCH-1

    VINYL PATCH Vinyl patch for repairing holes in luggage or backpacks. 1 3/4" x 3 1/4" Black vinyl.
    QTY AVAILABLE : 6203 In Stock
  • Brush Only, #T-1188BR

    Item #: T-1188BR

    Brush Only
    QTY AVAILABLE : 18 In Stock
  • 1 oz, Super Set Glue, #180E

    Item #: 180E

    SUPERSET Super Glue Adhesive For Leather and all porous materials. Net wt. 1 oz.
    QTY AVAILABLE : 2 In Stock
  • Cork Renew, #CR-3

    Item #: CR-3

    Cork Renew Stuff. Earth friendly non-solvent waterbase formula. Protects, waterproofs and seals cork or cork bed sandals. Easy application brush. 2oz. Made In USA
    QTY AVAILABLE : 47 In Stock
  • 3in Tear Patch For Canvas, Nylon, Plastic, #TP-A

    Item #: TP-A

    TEAR-AID® Patch For the repair of holes and tears on canvas, nylon, rubber, plastic and vinyl. Easy peel & stick with no messy liquid adhesive to apply. Eliminates waiting-to-dry time....
    QTY AVAILABLE : 263 In Stock
  • Small Cement Pot, #T-1188

    Item #: T-1188

    Small Cement Pot
    QTY AVAILABLE : 16 In Stock
  • Freesole Shoe Repair 1oz, #M-1486

    Item #: M-1486

    FREESOLE® 1 oz. tube Urethane Formula Shoe Repair is a patented urethane rubber repair system designed to restore and rebuild all types of footwear. Unaffected by heat or solvents, FREESOLE®...
    QTY AVAILABLE : 27 In Stock
  • Eco-Flo Gum Tragacanth 4.4 fl. oz. (132 ml) (M-1705), #TLF-2620-01

    Item #: TLF-2620-01

    Eco-Flo Gum Tragacanth is a water based, low V.O.C., natural gum based edge slicking and burnishing compound for use on natural or colored veg-tanned leather. Produces a professional looking, smooth,...
    QTY AVAILABLE : 13 In Stock
  • Stem & Seal Only for T-126 Teflon® Cement Keeper, #T-126-STEM
    Special Savings!

    Stem & Seal Only for T-126 Teflon® Cement Keeper, #T-126-STEM

    Item #: T-126-STEM

    Stem & Seal Only for T-126 Teflon® Cement Keeper
    QTY AVAILABLE : 9 In Stock
  • Brush Only For T-1189, #T-1189BR

    Item #: T-1189BR

    Brush Only For T-1189
    QTY AVAILABLE : 47 In Stock
  • 16 oz, High Performance Super Glue, #SG-2

    Item #: SG-2

    High Performance Super Glue .16 fl. Oz This SUPER GLUE performs much better than any other super glues on the market! It is FASTER ACTING and has a STRONGER LASTING...
    QTY AVAILABLE : 126 In Stock
  • Fast-Fix Activator, #FF-ACT

    Item #: FF-ACT

    Fast-Fix ActivatorNet wt. 11 ozUse with Fast-Fix Adhesive This activator speeds up the drying process. This spray can dry any excess adhesive immediately Great for shoe repair, this will protect...
    QTY AVAILABLE : 15 In Stock
  • Fast-Fix Adhesive, #FF-2

    Item #: FF-2

    Fast-Fix AdhesiveFor instant bonding of modern man-made materialsBonds leather, nylon, vinyl, urethane, rubber and other materialsNet wt. 2 oz
    QTY AVAILABLE : 13 In Stock
  • 50" Black, Lining Material, Faille, #MT-2-BLK

    Item #: MT-2-BLK

    Used for lining handbags and luggage Heavyweight Faille Lining Color: Black Width: 50in Sold by the yard
    QTY AVAILABLE : 29 In Stock
  • Industrial Glue Gun, #T-1626

    Item #: T-1626

    Industrial Glue Gun 100 watts of heating power Interchangeable nozzle and comfortable ergonomic design Uses standard glue sticks Removable wire stand included On/Off power switch Made In USA
    QTY AVAILABLE : 3 In Stock
  • 10in All Purpose Glue Sticks 12/bag, #T-1435

    Item #: T-1435

    10" All Purpose Glue Sticks 12/bagMade In USA
    QTY AVAILABLE : 14 In Stock
  • Gluemaster With Straight Spout, #T-25-STRT

    Item #: T-25-STRT

    Gluemaster With Straight Spout
    QTY AVAILABLE : 7 In Stock
  • Brush With Cover Cap Only, #T-25-BR

    Item #: T-25-BR

    Brush With Cover Cap Only
    QTY AVAILABLE : 13 In Stock
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