Embellishments You Didn't Know You Needed for Your 2022 Pet Accessories Line

Unleash Your Creativity! Purrr-fect Fashions for Your Pet Accessory Designs

Winter can bring a full-blown case of the doldrums, and like you we’re always looking for fabulous styles, colors, and designs we can use in our everyday lives. Your customers are probably hoping you can brighten up their lives, too. It’s a tall order, but we can help you deliver.

This month we’re super excited about bright, shiny, colorful iridescent swivel snaps, O- and D-rings, but we know your product line relies on quality materials of all kinds – because your customers expect only the best from you.

So give them the best! From low-lead fasteners to durable plastic buckles to high-quality, long-lasting pet ID tags, and the assurance of made-in-the-USA components, your customers will appreciate the care you show in designing the kind of pet accessories you’d be proud to use. (In fact, isn’t that why you’re in this business?!)

Details, Details

We know you sweat the details in your designs - that’s why your customers come back to your shop, and why they recommend you to their friends. So show off your pet ID tags with colorful carabiner clips, appeal to your pet parents’ aesthetic sensibilities by including a special adornment on select designs.

Check out long-lasting, beautiful new leather straps and cords now in stock (plus leather paint!) along with snappy nylon straps in bold shades, and the high-quality fasteners that really pull the look together.

And don’t be shy about letting them know about the care you put into selecting the components that go into every pet product you sell. Details really matter!

Show Your Customers You Care: Quality Leather Straps & Cord

Sporty pet owners may prefer lightweight nylon straps but some pet parents like to step out and show off their pets in fine leather harnesses. And, many just appreciate the feel, strength, and long-lasting beauty of leather. See leather straps here, and contact us if you don’t see what you need.

Your designs deserve quality components, and your customers need to know they can trust in your products.

When Made-in-USA Matters

Have some of your customers told you that they’re more concerned about the country of origin of various products – including those for their pets?

When made-in-the-USA matters to your customers, we know it matters to you. You can always filter to find components on our site that are made in the USA. And don’t forget to tell your customers that you’ve taken the extra step to make them more comfortable about their purchases!

Creative Inspiration: Making Your Design Shine

When you’re brainstorming new products, selecting the right materials and components is critical to completing your design. Did you know that you can browse all pet products on our site, and even filter your search to find the “just right” fasteners for your pet accessories?

But don’t let a search stilt your imagination! Let your doggone creativity run wild!

Leather paint can turn a simple collar into one that’s obviously best-in-show. Sometimes an unnecessary element added to a standard design elevates it, becoming an instant classic. Don’t believe us? What about a heart-shaped padlock dangling from your new leash design?

On the other hand, sometimes smart designs add utility in unexpected ways. For example, by putting a handle in the middle of a leash, you give dog walkers more control options and a little extra style.

Tip: We care too! That’s why we highly recommend testing your finished designs in real-world conditions before making them available for sale. And of course, if you test, tell your customers that you do! They’ll appreciate the extra effort you put into your products, as well as your concern for their safety.

We know, we know – sometimes we all need a little inspiration. Browse our new arrivals section and see if that sparks your imagination.

Business & Imagination: It’s a Balancing Act

From inventory issues to managing your website, running a business sometimes feels like the opposite of a creative endeavor. Whenever your inventive energy is low, we’re here to help!

If you’re looking for inspiration, you can find it in our New Arrivals section, always a source of great ideas. New iridescent D- and O-rings, shiny copper swivel snaps, and cute camo cotton strapping are just a few of the 7,500 things that will spark your imagination.

Also, check the OTB blog for how-to articles and videos, tips and techniques to help you overcome the annoying little challenges that can make running a business feel like, well, work.

And when you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll not only find out first about new arrivals, sales, and more, you’ll also gain great insight from others in the community.

Don’t forget to show off your creations! Send us pics of your “pet projects” and be sure to tag us when you share a creation you think is really the cat’s pajamas. We love to hear from our customers and spread the word about your work.

P.S. Our clearance page might have just what you’re looking for - and if you see something you need there, scoop it up quick, because our clearance items are at gotta-grab-it-before-it’s-gone prices.

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