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Cleaners & Conditioners

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  • Fiebings Wool Daubers (10/pk), #WU-005

    Item #: WU-005

    Wool Daubers Great to use with glue or leather dyes. Sold 10 daubers per pack. Wool Daubers (10/pk)Made In USA
    QTY AVAILABLE : 7 In Stock
  • Lexol Conditioner 8 oz, #LXL-8OZ

    Item #: LXL-8OZ

    Lexol Conditioner 8 oz Lexol Conditioner Fast selling nationally advertised all-purpose dressing. Conditions & nourishes leather. Full directions on every container.
    QTY AVAILABLE : 197 In Stock
  • Spotters Choice, #M-1151

    Item #: M-1151

    Spotters' Choice Spot & Stain Remover that can be used straight from the bottle. Convenient size is great for packing in luggage or a purse. Removes ballpoint pen Ink, shoe...
    QTY AVAILABLE : 25 In Stock
  • Leather Conditioner 1/2 Ltr Spray Bottle, #LXL-COND-SPRAY

    Item #: LXL-COND-SPRAY

    Leather Conditioner 1/2 Ltr Spray BottleLexol Conditioner Fast selling nationally advertised all-purpose dressing. Conditions & nourishes leather. Full directions on every container.
    QTY AVAILABLE : 87 In Stock
  • LexoL-Ph Leather Cleaner 8 oz, #LXL-CLNR-8OZ

    Item #: LXL-CLNR-8OZ

    Lexol pH Leather Cleaner Concentrated foaming action of this product deep cleans and foams away embedded oil-trapped dirt. Non-staining. Non-dulling. Glycerine enriched to keep leather soft. The pH of this...
    QTY AVAILABLE : 109 In Stock
  • 4 oz, Leather Black Kit With Applicator & Buffing Cloth, #DB-02

    Item #: DB-02

    The Original Doc Bailey's Leather Black 4.4oz Bottle with applicator sponge & buffing clothContains dye to restore color while cleaning, nourishing & waterproofing leather.Restores lost color, cleans, nourishes and waterproofs...
    QTY AVAILABLE : 19 In Stock
  • Foam Dauber, #M-1665

    Item #: M-1665

    Foam Dauber can be used with Leather Refinish Color Restorer, shoe polish, cleaners and conditioners. Open cell foam works the best for applying products.Made In USA
    QTY AVAILABLE : 69 In Stock
  • Leather Cleaner/conditioner 8 oz, #TLC-8

    Item #: TLC-8

    SADDLERS ONE STEP® Especially good on Belting Leather. Cleaner and conditioner in one step. Saddlers One Step® saves time and money. No greasy or oily residue. Water resistant. A superior...
    QTY AVAILABLE : 35 In Stock
  • Fiebings Tan Kote 4 Oz Neutral, #TK-4

    Item #: TK-4

    Used to soften, preserve and polish all (but suede) leather Fiebings Tan Kote 4 Oz NeutralMade In USA
    QTY AVAILABLE : 31 In Stock
  • Fiebings Snowproof 3 Oz Can, #SNOWPROOF

    Item #: SNOWPROOF

    SnowProof's unique formula, unchanged for five decades, has proven its superiority in leather conditioning and waterproofing. Colorless, odorless, non-greasy...can be used on all leathers (except suede) and provides the finest...
    QTY AVAILABLE : 54 In Stock
  • Fiebings Saddle Soap 3.5oz, #SADDLE-3

    Item #: SADDLE-3

    Fiebing's Saddle Soap 3.5 oz. Recommended for all leather goods, except suede. Conditions. Softens and preserves leather.Made In USA
    QTY AVAILABLE : 40 In Stock
  • Top Coat Satin Sealant 4oz, #M-1664

    Item #: M-1664

    Top Coat Satin Sealant. Use with Leather Refinish Color Restorer (WS-LA). Seals in the color for a durable sealant. These two products, when used together will make your customers smile!...
    QTY AVAILABLE : 16 In Stock
  • Thinner 2oz, #M-1663

    Item #: M-1663

    Thinner Leather Refinish Color Restorer. This product thins the viscosity of Leather Refinish Color Restorer (WS-LA). Can also be used to thin Leather Refinish for use in sprayers. 2 fl.ozMade...
    QTY AVAILABLE : 4 In Stock
  • Finish Preparer 2oz, #M-1662

    Item #: M-1662

    Leather Refinish Color Restorer Cleaner/Finish Prep. Use this product before you use Leather Refinish Color Restorer (WSLA). Cleans and prepares leather before applying color. 2 fl.oz.Made In USA
    QTY AVAILABLE : 143 In Stock
  • Fiebings Shoe & Boot Stretch 4-oz, #M-1237

    Item #: M-1237

    Fiebings Shoe Stretch Use for stretching tight shoes. Works with or without mechanical shoe stretcher. Every shoe shop should have this product.Shoe & Boot Stretch 4-ozMade In USA
    QTY AVAILABLE : 15 In Stock
  • Lint Lifter Roller Only (no Handle), #M-1153-ROLLR

    Item #: M-1153-ROLLR

    Lint Lifter Replacement Roller Made In USA Length:  4" Width:  3"
    QTY AVAILABLE : 40 In Stock
  • Lint Busters Plus, With Handle, #M-1153-REF

    Item #: M-1153-REF

    LINT PICK-UP This lint remover roller is a great product for removal of lint or pet hair from clothing, furniture, and car interiors. When the tape is full of lint...
    QTY AVAILABLE : 12 In Stock
  • Mildew Off, #M-1152

    Item #: M-1152

    This chlorine-free product not only cleans mildew, but also deodorizes. Made from biodegradable extracts. Safe to use on most items. This is a great product to clean your customer's items...
    QTY AVAILABLE : 39 In Stock
  • Mold And Mildew Stain Remover 12 Oz Jar, #IP-MMSR

    Item #: IP-MMSR

    Mold & Mildew Stain Remover Color & Fabric Safe! Removes mold, mildew, algae stain, bird droppings, spider droppings, tannin (leaf) stain, tough dirt, grease and oil, some food and drink...
    QTY AVAILABLE : 21 In Stock
  • Vinylex 16.9 Fl. Oz. 1/2 Ltr, #VP-1-2LTR

    Item #: VP-1-2LTR

    Vinylex 16.9 Fl. Oz. 1/2 Ltr Spray Bottle 16.9 fl.oz. Lexol Vinylex Protectant is formulated to renew vinyl, rubber and plastic. It contains a sunscreen which protects against fading, cracking...
    QTY AVAILABLE : 5 In Stock
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