About Us

Since 1908, Ohio Travel Bag has been a supplier/distributor of hardware and related products for a multitude of industries.

The business began as a manufacturer of traveling bags and other leather goods in downtown Cleveland, Ohio and has since evolved into a leading wholesale distributor of hardware and fittings for luggage, handbags, trunks, leather goods, and jewelry. We provide hardware solutions in solid brass, stainless steel, zinc alloy, steel, iron, and plastic. Ohio Travel Bag stocks over 5,000 items, and our diverse selection is meant to create a host of options for our customers.

Ohio Travel Bag takes great pride in its century long history of exceptional service to the repair, design, manufacturing, and leather craft industries. We strive to be the product source you need while providing above and beyond customer support.

To the Ohio Travel Bag team, every little thing matters.


1908 - Start of OTB

Ohio Travel Bag was established by Herman Schechtman, Edward V. Fishley, and Austin Oppenheim as a traveling and coin collection bag manufacturer.

1936 – Wholesale Beginnings

In light of the Great Depression, OTB began doing luggage repair work for the retailers that purchased their bags. In 1936, due to an excess in parts, Ohio Travel Bag became a hardware repair business, and took sample cases of parts on the road to sell to other businesses.

1952 – The 1st Catalog

The assorted repair parts were soon organized into a catalog – the first of which was produced in 1952 and distributed to manufacturers and repair shops across the country. Now, a new catalog comes out every 2 years.

1995 – New Building

Ohio Travel Bag moved from its original building in downtown CLE at 811 Prospect Avenue to a Cleveland suburb - Solon, OH.

2016 – New Ownership and Rebranding

In 2016, Ohio Travel Bag was purchased from Bruce Oppenheim by Michael Fox. Ohio Travel Bag soon launched their new website in 2019.

2022 – OTB Joins Weaver Leather

Ohio Travel Bag joined the Weaver Leather family of brands. Weaver Leathers longstanding tradition of support and growth of the leatherworking community, as well as its strong leadership and their expansive global supply network, make this venture very exciting.