How to Assemble a Belt Using a Leather Belt Blank

For the tools and techniques you need to make or repair bags, shoes, clothing and much more, this is the Ohio Travel Bag Workshop. Today we are going to show you How to Assemble a Belt using a Pre-Punched Leather Belt Blank.

Step one: Get the right tools. One (1) belt blank (WL-4474-38-CH), Belt Buckle and Keeper (C-2095-ANTB), Chicago Screws (L-156-3-16-ANTB), Chicago Screw Tool (T-1625), Leather awl (T-478), Leather Punch (Hand Tool T-1232 and Punch T-1269-4MM), leather strap end punch (T-0150-1-1-2), rawhide mallet (T-395-2), and a Ruler

Step two: Add the buckle. Our pre-punched belt blanks have spots for a buckle and fasteners. We will be using a buckle, matching keeper. Using the pre-punched holes, take the tongue of the buckle and insert at the oblong hole and fold over.

Step three: Add your fastener and belt keeper. We are using 3/8” Chicago screws. Use the Chicago screw tool to keep the screw in place while also clamping down the leather so they can be screwed in tight. You might choose to add a little Loctite (SG-2) glue to these to keep them from loosening. After setting the first chicago screw, slide in the belt keeper so it’s held into place in between the folded leather. Then, set the final chicago screw.

Step four: Create the belt buckle notches and size your belt. We are doing a simple guess as to how long this should be, but for professional purposes size it to standard lengths for your customers. Next, use a leather awl to mark where you will be cutting the excess off. Then use a ruler to mark the notches for adjusting your belt. We are marking about an 1” apart and very loosely cutting using a hole punch.

Then, use a leather strap end punch to cut excess leather off the belt.

You can finish this with Use Fiebings Edge Dye Finish (ED-BLK) to coat the exposed leather sides, or leave it as is!

And there you have it. Making a belt with pre-punched belt blanks. Try it for yourself, find all the tools and more at

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