How To Install Pull the Dot Snaps

Pull the Dot Snaps: Uses & Common Mistakes

Today we are covering Pull-the-DOT snaps and all their useful services. These kinds of snap fasteners could potentially be your next best friends in the workshop. But what are they exactly? Pull-the-DOT snaps are three sided fasteners that are designed to withstand extreme pressure and are heavily durable.

What sets them apart from your typical snaps is that when pulled on the fourth side, the fastener will be released instantly. On all other sides, the snap fastener remains intact and cannot be released except on that fourth side. This feature makes Pull-the-DOT snaps a lot stronger than most snap fasteners. They are round, have a coined eyelet construction, and just might be perfect for your next project!

What to Use Them for:

So, how can we put these unique features to work? Pull-the-DOT snaps are best used in luggage, leather goods, automotive, or tent/awning purposes. Here, we are going to focus on their use for leather goods and luggage. Holsters are one good example of these. With holsters typically being a leather product, these snaps are beneficial for holding together the leather pieces without allowing them to come apart. This is especially important when keeping together products that are under a lot of pressure.

Because they are exceptionally durable and reliable, you won’t need to second guess if you’re going to need a repair or not.  

These snap fasteners are also handy in wallets and purses, serving as both a secure fastener and possibly a fun look. Leather knife sheaths, strappings, belt loops, or self-defense items are among other common uses for these snap fasteners. Pull-the-DOT snaps are ultimately ideal for heavy duty projects which is what they are widely known for.

Common Mistakes When Setting:

Knowing how to install these snap fasteners is one thing, but also being aware of common mistakes when setting them is important too. For one, when Pull-the-DOT snaps are brand new, they tend to be very tight, and require a short break-in period. With time, they will become looser and easier to work with, however they will never lose their durability and strength.

Another common mishap is when setting the cap, you need to make sure to use the concave side of your anvil. When setting the post, make sure to use the flat side of your anvil. Also, be certain that the lip on the socket is facing the direction of where the snap needs to be unlocked.

Remembering small details like these is what can set your project apart from others.

How to Install a Pull The Dot Snap:

Before beginning, you will need some tools to get started:

  • Hole punch
  • Rawhide mallet
  • Cutting pad
  • Dot durable punch and die set
  • Snap (each of the 4 parts)
    • Cap
    • Stud
    • Socket
    • Post

Now that you have your tools, the first thing you’ll want to do is…

Step 1:

Using the hole punch, make a hole in your fabric, leather, or whatever material you’re using. Make sure to go through both parts of the material.

Step 2:

Set the snap parts to your material starting with setting the cap. Next, set the socket and secure it on the underside of the cap connecting the prong that is sticking out, so it is directly under the word dot on the cap.

Step 3:

Once the cap is in the material, take the socket and secure it on the underside of the cap connecting the prong to the dot portion of the cap. Then secure with your mallet and setting tools.

Step 4:

To set the post, place it through the hole at the bottom of your material. Place the stud on top of the post barrel, and secure both parts with your mallet and setting tools.

All done! Easy, right? Now it’s time to try it for yourself! Check out our video to follow along and see the visuals. Find all the tools and more at

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