Trunk Trends and Hardware You Need to Make a Trunk

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Storage, antique, Victorian and steamer trunks all are gaining more popularity as a striking decorative piece to any home office or living room. They are also necessary for carrying and keeping some of your most valuable items safe. Here are all the ways we notice trunks and cases being used:

  1. Decorative piece in your home office
  2. Tool Storage
  3. Craft or Trade Show Equipment Storage and Décor
  4. Transporting musical instruments or equipment
  5. Blanket storage
  6. Rolling storage for traveling
  7. Camping storage

Hardware Needed to make a Trunk:

  1. Surface Trunk Lock (x 1)
  2. Hinges (x 3)
  3. Handle Cap (x 4)
  4. Trunk Corner (x 8)
  5. Clamp (x 8)
  6. Handles (x 2)

You're in luck! All this and more can be found on our website!


  1. Surface Trunk Lock: G-3-BLK
  2. Hinges: D-64-BLK
  3. Handle Cap: G-17-BLK (COMING SOON!)
  4. Trunk Corner: L-1160-BLK (COMING SOON!)
  5. Clamp: D-3-BLK (COMING SOON!)
  6. Handles: L-002-BLK


  1. Surface Trunk Lock: G-3-ANTB
  2. Hinges: D-64-ANTB
  3. Handle Holder: G-17-ANTB
  4. Trunk Corner: L-1160-ANTB
  5. Clamp: D-3-ANTB
  6. Handles: L-002-BLK


  1. Surface Trunk Lock: G-3-BP
  2. Hinges: D-64-BP
  3. Handle Holder: G-17-BP
  4. Trunk Corner: L-1160-BP
  5. Clamp: D-3-BP
  6. Handles: L-002-BLK


  1. Surface Trunk Lock: G-3-NP
  2. Hinges: D-64-ANTB
  3. Handle Holder: G-17-NP
  4. Trunk Corner: L-1160-NP
  5. Clamp: D-3-NP
  6. Handles: L-002-BLK


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  • Curt Gillock

    I’d love to post a pic of my trunks but I have no idea how.

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