4 Types of Zipper Chain For Your Project

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How To Choose The Right Zipper

So many of our favorite creations and projects include a zipper… so how do we know what kind to use? There are many endless options, sometimes making it difficult to know what kind of zipper to use. We are going to go over just a few types and each of their details to give your next creation a little boost in the right direction.

What are the Four Types of Zipper Chain?

For starters, there are four main types of zippers that you may find yourself upon: coil, vislon, metal and invisible. Coil, or nylon zippers are lightweight zippers that are a great fit for knit jackets, bags, or pockets. Vislon, or plastic zippers have teeth molded and melted directly onto the tape. Being a cheaper material, compared to metal, they are very cost-effective and can be best used in children’s clothing or possibly a fun tote bag. Metal zippers have metal teeth that are usually made of solid brass, nickel, or aluminum. They are heavier, making them durable and suitable for heavy-duty coats, duffle bags, or other leather projects. Last, but certainly not least, are invisible zippers. Once sewn into your project, you will not be able to see the zipper itself because the teeth are on the backside. You can find and use these in formal wear, or possibly home furnishings

Types of Zipper Chain

Like what you see? Below are the items used in this video.

Separating Zipper vs. Closed End Zipper

Getting into the details, we can now look at separating vs. closed end zippers. The simplest way to tell the difference between these two is if the zipper can be fully opened at the end, allowing one side to be separated from the other side, then it is a separating zipper. If it is a closed end

zipper, there will be no separation at the end. Our collection of separating and closed end zippers come with all the hardware needed, already assembled.

Separating Zipper Examples:

  • Jackets
  • Coats
  • Sweaters

Closed End Zipper Examples:

  • Jeans
  • Luggage
  • Handbags
  • Pockets

Chain vs. Coil Zipper Tape

Diving a little deeper, we can look at chain vs. coil zippers. Like we mentioned above, coil zippers are lightweight, and best used in a project where you may not want the zipper to stand out as much. Chain zippers are usually made from metal or molded plastic, making them more durable and a bit more standout-ish. Whichever you chose, both can be a good fit for the project you desire, just take into consideration each zippers’ qualities and use

Parts of a Zipper

Brands: YKK vs. UCAN

The last layer to unfold is the difference between YKK vs. UCAN. YKK is a Japanese brand zipper that is popular and best known for a glide that becomes smoother with each zip. These

zippers are some of the top in the world and have quite the reputation. UCAN is an American brand zipper that has been around for about 25 years and produces very high-quality zippers. Both are great options for your next amazing creation.

Now that you know a little bit more about zippers, craft away!

Want to learn how to build a zipper from scratch? Check out our video on how to build a zipper for a purse or bag!

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  • Hank Hartman

    Nice workshop. Hope to see more. I need to rebuild musical instrument cases. I’ve been using your hardware for years. Need to find a source for covering material, (tolex) , and upholstery trim for these cases.
    Hope to see more workshops

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