Cowhide Suede Leather

SKU: 10-1125SP-BK

Cowhide Suede Leather

SKU: 10-1125SP-BK
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  • Chrome tanned suede offers consistent quality
  • Gorgeous colors and texture give this split suede an amazing look and feel
  • Just the right amount of nap that's luxurious to the touch
  • 100% recommended by customers
  • From garments to decorative adornments like fringe and tassels, this suede is perfect for a variety of leather projects
  • 2-3 oz Single Bend only available in Black
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Average Square Feet: 9-14 - (10-1115SP 3-4 oz. Single Bends);
22-27 - (10-1113SP 3-4 oz. Double Bends);
7-9 - (10-1125SP 2-3 oz. Single Bends)
Approximate Width: 22"-24" - (10-1115SP 3-4 oz. Single Bends);
48"-52" - (10-1113SP 3-4 oz. Double Bends);
18"-22" - (10-1125SP 2-3 oz. Single Bends)
Approximate Length: 48"-52" - (10-1115SP 3-4 oz. Single Bends);
48"-52" - (10-1113SP 3-4 oz. Double Bends);
40"-44" - (10-1125SP 2-3 oz. Single Bends)
Grade: Tannery Run (TR)
Gauged: Evenly Throughout
Content: U.S. cowhide - (10-1115SP, 10-1125SP)
Imported Cowhide - (10-1113SP)
Available cut: Single Bends, Double Bends
Priced: Per Bend based on average square feet

Project Ideas

Saddle seating
Filigree projects

Additional Details

There is a reason 100% of customers who have bought this suede would recommend it to a friend. Its quality is unmatched. Fringe. . . liners. . . tassels. . . you'll elevate any project with this leather's pop of color and amazing, supple feel. We've seen a lot of suede through the years and in our opinion this is the absolute best on the market today.


A split from the flesh side of a piece of leather is sanded in order to produce a nap. Our suede has just the right amount of nap for a refined look and feel. For maximum softness, suede is chrome tanned. The time involved and expense of veg tanned leathers led to the development of chrome tanning in the mid-1800s. Chrome tanning takes about a day in contrast to the one to three-month veg tanning process, making it a more economical choice. Today, about 80-90% of the world's leather supply is chrome tanned and it is heralded for its stain and water resistance as well as its consistency in color.

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