Pig Suede Lining Hide

SKU: 13776-30-80-00

Pig Suede Lining Hide

SKU: 13776-30-80-00
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  • Soft, supple and perfect for liners
  • Chrome tanned for consistent quality
  • Just the right amount of nap
  • Great for lining personal accessories
  • Adds the perfect amount of softness and texture to any project
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Average Square Feet: 9
Approximate Width: 28"
Approximate Length: 42"
Grade: Tannery Run (TR)
Gauged: Evenly Throughout
Content: Imported Pig Hide
Available Cut: Whole Hide
Priced: Per Hide based on average square feet

Additional Details

This pig skin suede offers the perfect touch of softness and texture that's great for liners. With its consistent quality and just the right amount of nap, pig skin suede is great for lining personal accessories.

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