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Shoe Love Is True Love

What Ifs Series

 Let’s all just own up to it right now… there are too many shoes in the closet!!

Despite my dwindling closet space, I always look forward to summer and the footwear that comes with it. Wedges, flip flops, gladiators, strappy heels, flats… there are just so many different kinds of shoes for any summer occassion.

Trendy hardware embellished shoes in current fashion magazines at Ohio Travel Bag

DIY Sandals for Summer

I don’t know about you guys, but I could spend a fortune on sandals alone this summer. There are so many colors, styles, and textures that my head starts to spin a little when I’m in the shoe department.

I’ve been seeing a lot of strappy and gladiator style sandals lately with various kinds of embellishments like studs, rivets, rhinestones, chain, and more. The great news is that it’s super easy to replicate and even elevate these styles.

I decided to have a little fun and create my own pair of customized sandals topped off with hardware I have picked out right here at OTB. Take a look at my step-by-step breakdown below!

STEP 1: Buy a pair of leather or cloth sandals of your choice that are relatively plain. You’ll make them awesome with the embellishments of your choosing!

Summer sandals before hardware adornments from Ohio Travel Bag

There are SO many fun options when it comes to decorating your sandals. From rivets and studs, to chains and jewels, there’s something for everyone to make them your own! In the example pictures I’m about to share, I used several different types of ornaments to showcase what we offer,Rivet but you’re welcome to use just one type for a more simple look. Here’s what I chose for my own pair:

STEP 2: Decide what kind of rivets or studs you want to incorporate on your sandals and play around with placement. Punch holes in the leather or cloth using a punch tool wherever you want to place an adornment.

Summer sandal with holes made with revolving leather punch from Ohio Travel Bag

Punching the holes was super easy with our T-155 revolving leather punch. If you notice some hole spacing issues… I didn’t measure—I eyeballed it! There’s no judgements allowed!

STEP 3: Set your rivets and studs with a setting tool if applicable, or attach your adornments with super glue or barge cement.

Summer sandal with hardware ornaments from Ohio Travel Bag

On some of the rivets, the posts were too long, so I had to cut them down with a nipper (short enough so that they don’t end up scratching the top of my or anyone else’s feet). Then I just put some super glue or barge cement in the hole and voila!

If the posts are short enough to set, just make sure you are able to manipulate the strap(s) in a way that allows for setting the rivets. Depending on your rivet choice, we may have the perfect rivet setting tool for you!

Sandal with custom chain adornments from Ohio Travel Bag

Here’s another version of the sandal that I decided to adorn with chains. It’s a much different approach to the studded sandal, but just as stylish!

Your Choice of Ornaments and Embellishments

Jewel Rivet

Although I chose an array of studs and rivets for my sandals, you can make them your own by selecting elements that you like. Start shopping ornaments at OTB now!

As always, I can’t wait to share more ideas next month. Happy Spring!

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